Incentive packages

The following attractive investment incentives are given by the investment board for seven potential destinations; Abijatta-Shalla National Park, Bale Mountain National Park, Semien Mountains National Park, Gheralta Mountains, Erta Ale, Abaya and Chamo lakes, Arba Minch and Wenchi Crater Lake.
  • 5 years of income tax exemption for those who invest on the five specified regions.
  • Duty free privileges on Capital good and spare-parts.
  • Duty free privileges on finishing construction materials (if they’re going to build the hotel themselves).
  • Duty free import of the following vehicles. [ Station wagons (NEW), A bus (minimum capacity of 30 passengers excluding the foldable seats) ]

Highlight of the seven potential destinations

In addition to the below seven potential destinations, our organization has nominated and introduced ten other potential sites on the second phase to be benefited from special incentives packages for Tourism investment; Chebera churchura national park, Sof omer cave, Lower omo valley (Omo, Mago, and Jinka’s Saturday market), Gambella national park, Geraile national park, Tis Abay, Tiya tombs, Bijimis national park and Hidase dam, Yayu forest and Konso landscape.

Abijatta-Shalla National Park

It is located in the Oromia Region and the Ethiopian Highlands region, 200 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, and east of the Ziway–Shashamane highway. It contains 887 square kilometers including the Rift Valley lakes of Abijatta and Shalla. The two lakes are separated by three kilometers of hilly land.  situated between the two lakes.

Bale Mountain National Park

It is located in southeast Ethiopia with in the regional state of Oromia, about 430 km from Addis Ababa and 150 km from Shashemene. The park was registered in 2009 as a World Heritage Tentative List. The total area of ​​the park is 2,150sq km and is visited annually by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

Semien Mountains National Park

It is located in the Amhara National Regional State, 860km from Addis Ababa, and 120km from Gondar. The total area of ​​the park is currently 412 sq km, with annual visitor numbers more than 32,000 by 2019. Particular features of the park are fascinating scenery, with 8 different mountains above 4,000 meters high, including the tallest mountain peak Ras Dashen in Ethiopia. 

Gheralta Mountains

These mountains are located in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, with more than 30 rock hewn churches built in the sixth century. The churches including; Abuna Yemata Guh, Abuna Abraham Debre Tsion,Debre Maryam Korkor.

Erta Ale

The natural wonders of Ertale are in the Afar region, north-eastern Ethiopia. The unique features include the Danakil Depression, Hadar the recovering place of Lucy, the Erta-Ale active volcano, Afdera the Salt stock lake, and numerous hot springs. 

Abaya and Chamo lakes, Arba Minch

Located 500 Km from Addis Ababa and it is two cities in one. The settlements of Shecha and Sikela, is separated by 3km of virtual no-man’s land. It is one of Ethiopia’s last great surviving wildernesses; Offers fantastic views over the volcanic lakes, Abaya and Chamo, are angles of paradise. 

Wenchi Crater Lake

Wenchi is a highland area, situated in Oromia Regional state in South West Shewa Zone, 155 km west of Addis Ababa. The area is famed for its beautiful mountainous landscape, used partly as farmland and partly covered by natural forest. An old monastery with a church is situated on one of the lake islands. Other attractions included the hot mineral springs, waterfalls and dramatic valleys around the lake.