State Minister

Destination and Infrastracture Development

H.E. Ato Sileshi Girma

Seleshi Girma (ስለሽ ግርማ አሰፋ) is the state minister of Destination and Infrastracture Development at Ministry of Tourism of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

He has servced as CEO of Tourism Ethiopia from 2019-2021.

He has also served as a university professor, works as an advisor for culture & tourism ministers, led the Addis Ababa city tourism & got the exposure of working with international donors.   

To ensure sustainability, the CEO envisioned building a pathway to enhance the profitability of tourism business operators and ensure the local community in each tourist destination gets a fair shot.

Seleshi earned a BA degree in Tourism Management /in Gondar Univ./, MBA in international business /in Mekelle Univ./ and MSc in Wildlife Conservation & Ecotourism /Bahirdar Univ./, PGD in Tourism /Salzburg, Austria/ and started university teaching in his very young age.